WhatsApp finally released a feature to access WhatsApp Web for Computer

As written on the title “WhatsApp finally released Its web client”. Also Known as WhatsApp Web. Actually, it’s not the Native Application because you can only access it from the Web Browser. (As time of writing this article) So the only question might be coming to your mind is that “How can I access/use it from the Web/Desktop/Computer?”

Supported Web Browsers: Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera

OK, I’ve written the steps below.

  1. Make sure You’ve updated your WhatsApp Application. (The version listed on my Xperia after updating the application is 2.11.505. So I guess at least 2.11.505 version is necessary in Android device to access WhatsApp Web feature.)
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  2. When you open the application after updating it … You should see there a new option in that hamburger Menu/in Option(s) Menu named “WhatsApp Web” in your mobile Device.
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  3. Tap on “WhatsApp Web” (Make sure that you are connected to the internet) … Now you will see some information like Visit web.whatsapp.com on your computer and scan the QR code and You can also see a QR code scanning box is there.
  4. So, now start Google Chrome on your Computer, go to http://web.whatsapp.com … Give it some time to load the page.
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  5. After page completed loading you can see there is a QR Code, Scan that QR Code from your Mobile Device and now Your WhatsApp should be successfully synced with WhatsApp Web Client.

Advantages of WhastApp Web:

  • You can directly upload images from the Computer… No need to transfer big files to Mobile device and then sending it.
  • Obviously you can chat faster because you can type via physical keyboard.
  • It will notify you of new messages via Chrome Notification Feature so that you’ll not miss any message when Google Chrome running as a Background App.
  • You can directly Log out from all computers via the mobile device so that if you ever missed to log out from Computer and left the place but want to log out from that computer then this feature can be useful.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Web:

  • If you disconnect your mobile device from the Internet then the Web Client will stop working too.
  • iPhone isn’t supported. (Till now) As stated in WhatsApp official blogpostUnfortunately for now, we will not be able to provide web client to our iOS users due to Apple platform limitations.
  • You can’t see/change in Settings of your WhatsApp Account.
  • Till now Only Google Chrome Browser is supported for WhatsApp Web Client. (Although I guess that Chromium/Blink based browsers are supported. For Example Opera is supported for WhatApp Web. FYI I tested Opera V27.0 Version in Windows 8.)
  • No feature added to directly send recorded audio from the Computer. (Although you can live record and Send audio from the Computer)

Another disadvantage which you may know is that You can’t directly open WhatsApp account from web.whatsapp.com, You must have to open it in your mobile device to use WhatsApp Web Client.

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I personally like the UI of WhatsApp Web. The Color Combination, Emojies support, Animation is just awesome. One thing I doubt is that You can see your Profile Picture and Status but can’t change it. Anyway here is direct link to Official WhatsApp Web FAQ.

So, Here it’s. If you find any difficulties while configuring this then please drop it in comments below.

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