Tips to Increase Facebook Page Likes

Social media has gained more attention past years because of its ability to reach anywhere in the world. You can also use social media to represent & marketing your brand as we have discussed in earlier posts.,

If missed, Read it now How to Create Facebook Page,
So if you already have a page, it’s time to make it popular now, Here are some working useful tricks to get your facebook page more attention and popular among visitors.
  • Don’t make nonsense
I have seen people promoting their Facebook pages on comments either on populated statuses or pictures, its proves you fool, don’t make that nonsense. That is not the way to get visitors.
  • Try posting Clear Looking Images Instead of Boring Status
The header says itself that you should avoid posting too long statuses, instead you can share good images(not for marketing) though it may contain Quote, Nice Sayings or something that visitors like to see. Generally Images gets more attention then statuses because illustration are more attractive then texts.
  • Never Miss an Event
If there is a Father’s day today, elaborate to show your visitor though your page isn’t about it or not. It is good thing to share happiness at moment, not the great days only you may share about weekends too because that are also happy days.
  • Promote Your Posts
You’re here to promote your page, never shy to promote your page among audience ( But not like the First One xD ). Promote it, either by yourself or Facebook will help you promote your posts but it will take some bucks to promote. Facebook adverts is also a better way to promote page among limited audience you can edit your campaign too.!
  • Setup a Giveaway
If you afford, setup giveaway through Facebook page, it will bring more attraction to your page as well as it will noticeable increase in number of “Talking about this” numbers. Like & Comment is all you need to start a great giveaway, many people are using it too.
  • Use Schedule Posting
Now, Facebook also allows you to schedule a post on date, If you’re Part time Blogger (Like ME) this feature is very useful to you, as you schedule announcements, statuses & photos on scheduled time or Date. There are also thirdparty tools which helps you posting one or more posts on one or more social media at the same time.
  • Try Posting with Hashtags ( #Facebook )
Hashtag will sometime will drive crazy traffic to your posts when it is popular, but always try to post with hashtag as it is visible to all who search for that hashtag.
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