SeeBeeTee crossed more than 100k pageviews

Hello Everybody, Thank you very much for visiting our blog.

– We feel very glad to say you that SeeBeeTee has crossed more than 100k Pageviews.

– It’s pretty cool that We’ve almost got near 60k pageviews in about 6 months.
– Actually we’ve got many comments in this days… Thanks for that too.
– You know, I’ve made a repository on Github for report issues/bugs found in this blog. (Please report if you found any), It’s very useful if you’re familiar with Github. (P.S. : Github is awesome, try it if you haven’t yet.)
– As always we will try to get into your questions/suggestions. Wanna give suggestion(s) click here.
– Also Thanks to all Facebook and Twitter fans.
– As always we’ll try to write quality articles, give you as many features as we can.
– We would like to see your responses in the comment section below. Thanks for reading, Be cool, Enjoy life.

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