Save the Internet in India – Last Opportunity

20th August 2015, 5:00 PM is deadline for submitting our opinion about Net Neutrality to the Government of India via MyGov Portal. Probably you’ve mailed to TRAI when this matter first time aroused in India.

If you forgot about Net Neutrality or want to read the 1st phase go to this link. So our intention is to access any website/app, any time, without paying separately for the site/app.

This is the right time (before 20th Aug ’15 5:00 PM) to submit your opinion to the Government of India via MyGov Portal. The good thing is that there are already more than 25000+ comments in the Net Neutrality page in MyGov Portal (As per 4 AM on 15th Aug). [Update: 51000+ comments as per 11:38 AM on 16th Aug]

What you should do (before 20th Aug, 5 PM):

What’d be your comment:

I’ve simplified our need in 3 points. You can directly copy-paste below points or modify as you want and then click save.

1. We don’t want to be charged differently for accessing different websites.
2. We want to be able to access anything on the Internet, at any given time, without having to pay more for it separately. That’s the real meaning of Net Neutrality.
3. We don’t want licensing for WhatsApp, Viber or any other app we use.

If your comment isn’t submitting in first/second/third tries, retry. If it takes much time for submitting then check that it’s been already posted or not via My Submissions tab (near All Comments).

So that’s it. You’ve to just submit your opinion to the Government of India via

You can also watch AIB video on YouTube for more info on this matter.

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