Redmi 4 price, specs and features

Redmi phones are one of the fastest growing Smartphones in India. In a very brief time, Redmi has managed to gather many loyal customers. To retain this loyalty, Redmi always comes up with new and advanced technology which keeps the customers looking forward to the next launch. Redmi 4 is its new launch phone, let’s get some information about it!

Redmi 4

Redmi 4 is the newest release from the series. It focuses on the most important aspects that contribute to a great smartphone experience. It has a battery capacity of 4100 mAh which allows a run up to 18 days on standby mode and up to 2 days with heavy duty usage. Amazing, right? The phone is as designed to fit your palm. It has a metal frame with 12.7cm (5) display. Redmi IV has better, sustained performance on the Snapdragon 435 octa-core processor. It is faster and better than any other Smartphone in the market.

The design of the phone is unique. It snuggles into your palm and gives a firm grip on it. The display is of HD quality. The battery life is shutting down all the arguments that can come up against this phone. Because 4100 mAh isn’t a small capacity. The Snapdragon core makes the phone faster and better. It enhances the performance to the next level.

The fingertip scanner is added security level in the phone. It is at the back just near the camera makes it easier to open your phone. The 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, the photography experience just got better. Along with these amazing features, Redmi offers you a second storage space. The second space can have the entirely distinctive look from the original homescreen. It can have different passwords, wallpaper. Your privacy will not be compromised with that. It also has dual app feature which allows you to create and sign into dual accounts for any app. You can Remotely control your TV, set-top boxes, air conditioner, fan, and DVD with your Redmi 4.

This phone has some unique features. Redmi has never disappointed with their innovative features. But this time Redmi has taken it to a new level. They are offering Redmi IV also known as Redmi 4 for just Rs. 6,999 only. Surprised, right? Even we are. With the launch of this phone, the mobile market is going to be rattled. The competition will get fiercer because Redmi has set the standards too high for its competitor.

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