Online Chat Feature For Your Blog

# First of all, go to here and see that how it look like and etc.

# You can see in that page and also in the above picture that it supports many user at a time.
# Special thanks to
# It’s supports notification and sound when someone says.

How to embed this chat to your blog?

# Go to your Blog dashboard. Navigate to Pages menu and then click on New page and then click on Blank Page to create a page for Embedding this chat.
# Then go to
# Click on Open Wizard and then give your channel name(which will appear as a header of chat.)
# Keep width 100% for Responsiveness and Best view. and I also prefer height 100%, you can change it as per your need. Now I am not going to discuss about Custom theme because it’s not necessary and optional.
# Then just copy that code in the box and then paste it to New page’s HTML tab and remember to paste it between those two lines written.

# Click on images to Enlarge it.
# Now you’ve done. Enjoy.

If any queries or questions then simply comment.

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