Must have widgets for your blogger blog

Blogger have many widgets its own but some are also from third party, But here is an list of some widgets from blogger and non-blogger owned widgets that should be on your blog for spicing up your blog, Many blogs have widgets that are toOoOoO lazy to load…, visitors hate that type of widgets,

So let’s start with some essential widgets…,

Search Box

Search box widget is really essential to let everyone find some on your blog what they’re looking for…,
Google custom search provides search result in your blog, so you can put google custom search box in your blogger blog as a widget, or inside a menu(Right Float Search Bar).

Social Information Box

Are you on facebook ?, Are you on Google ?, Are you on twitter ? then why shy to say infront of visitors, Go and link your social account in your blog, Make your blog available on social media(If You’re Opting Out..),Like Box,twitter tweets are available to easily embed in your blog.

Popular Post Widget

Popular Post widget is a widget available by blogger to use within your blog directly with thumbnails,links and etc.., It is really cool widget that displays your popular post based on views of the post in selected timeframe in widget.

You Might Also Like Widget (Related /Featured Post)

Related post widget is really nice widget to show related post with every post footer, this widget may increase visitors visiting post related to each post currently read by visitor. This widget is really nice and easy to install it on blogger,Related Post Widget.

Menu / Navigation

What does your blog have, show off in your menu, categories, labels and pages(About page And Contact Page),This menu will be helpful for visitors to find what they’re looking for…

Followers Gadget

Followers gadget is being less popular as blogger blogs are being connected to google+, but still its really cool feature known as GFC(Google Friend Connect). This widget make your blog feed available for readers who join your blog.

Subscribe By Email

Make your post feed available for email subscription for visitors, It may increase your reader and visitors.

Missing ?

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