Linking External CSS Stylesheet into Blogger Blog

Css stylesheets could be verylong and it may take up your attention and it will look tough to you while editing your blogger template,

The better way to ignore this is linking those stylesheet as exteenal source in blog,
Style sheet always to be linked in between <head></head> tag.
The format for linking stylesheet is shown below.

<link href=”YourStyleSheetUrl.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>

Done , stylesheet is linked you can call it in html by using attributes defined in stylesheet.


Disadvantage of Internal CSS (without linked it):

  • By mistake if you’re coding on your blog & playing with widgets unfortunately unnecessary changes made by you may fall you in problem.
  • Your blog may load slowly as there are less HTTP Request but by using the internal CSS the page load slow as compared to External CSS.
  • While using the Internal CSS the page size increases so it takes much time as compare to external stylesheet.

Advantages of linking External Stylesheet to your Blog.

  • Reduced file size for better & faster loading of web pages.
  • Increased SEO
    How ?
    search engine spider will search your webpages and when there is loads of internal css, the spider will go that slow and if you have made it short by linking basic stylesheet to external source it will be more easy, So you may link your stylesheet with no worry. Blogger also provides you stylesheet linked with your blog [These can be find in any blog, it is Bydefault linked into your blog.]
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