Importance of Social Media in Increase of Blog Traffic

You are running a blog that’s great thing but to be identify among the tons of bloggers you should do something which all are not doing. Just having your blog doesn’t make you famous or increase traffic towards your blog.
At startup of blog, Traffic never comes itself. But if you keep engaging your visitors towards your blog they’ll drive more handsome traffic to your blog this can be easily done with the help of social media.
Be active on social media & also make your visitor know the way to connect with you in social media.
You are not done by just registering on major social media like Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram etc… You have to keep updating your social handles in order to keep growing your visitors towards your blog and achieve sensational traffic.

What are the ways to get your social handles interact with visitor when they visit your blog?

These are few ways listed below…

  1. Facebook Social Plugins
  2. Twitter Widgets
  3. Google + Badge
  4. Pinterest Widget

Facebook Plugins

First of all, Facebook deprecate it’s like box after release of new version of Graph API i.e. v2.3.
List of Major Plugins
1. Like, Follow, Share & Send Button
2. Embedded Posts & Video Player
3. Page Plugin (Replaces with like box)
4. Comments [People can comment on any webpage by integrating their fb profile.]
Read more on Facebook Developers Website

Twitter Widgets

Twitter for blog is bringing Twitter content into your blog content and buttons to encourage your Twitter audience to share your content and follow your Twitter account.
Get more info
Instead you can make direct twitter widget here
Twitter Cards is also better way to attract visitors because it will bring card to tweet that contain a link to your blog. Twitter card is yet better way to attract more visitors via twitter.

Google + Badges

Google + badges will let you create your Google+ Page badge, +1 Button, Follow button…
Google + Badges also contains many way to attract visitors to your Google + page and better way to share any web page on Google plus.
More resource available here

Pinterest Widget

Pinterest also provides many ways to take your visitor to your pinterest and interacting with your blog. This is how you can also drive some extra traffic to your blog because pinterest is a platform to share photos or pin it. Some creative infographics can be share by many people in result of that you may receive unbelievable traffic to your blog and knowingly or unknowingly you are generating revenue from your blog.
From here you can build pinterest widget for your blog.

Final words

My final words for importance of social media in your blog are you can make your blog fly on web with social media and some fantabulous management to your blog.
Once you achieve some good Fans on your facebook page, followers on twitter You have just keep maintain your blog post frequency & some easy promotions rest of promotions will be done indirectly by your social media fans & followers.
Always mind that social media just helps your blog grow faster but it is not only the way to get traffic & revenue you have to concentrate & work differently on your post contents also.
Because all of the above will only work when someone finds your article helpful. If you are not good at article you have to improve that in order to make people share your content.

If you find this article helpful, share it. Suggestions & Comments are allowed so feel free to comment here.

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