How to take backup of your blogger blog

Backup is useful when we lost our data or go to specifically in blogger blog topic then we can say that If you ever doing some tweaking to your template and something else goes wrong or system hangs then you should first restore the exported backup and then start over or you may lost your changed or probably your whole blog template.

There are two types of backup in Blogger Blog. First is Template Backup and second is the whole Blog Backup. I am going to show you technique to take both types of backup, So that you can keep your blog safe as much as you can. And this technique will be easy for all of you whose blog is hosted on Blogger.

1. Taking backup of your Blogger Blog’s Template

– Sign in to blogger and then Navigate to your blog’s Template tab of which one you want to backup.
– Then Click on Backup / Restore button.
– A dialogue will appear in which you’ll find a link to download full template via a button named Download full template.

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– After clicking the button your Blog’s template should be downloaded successfully.

2. Taking Backup of your Whole Blogger Blog
– Navigate to your blog’s Settings tab of which one you want to backup.
– Then you’ve to navigate to Other(Submenu in Settings tab).

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– Here you can see three types of options for your Blog Tools: Import Blog, Export Blog and Delete Blog, You just have to click on Export Blog option to backup your blog, after clicking, it will confirm you to download the blog. So you’ve to click Download Blog button to download your whole Blogger Blog.

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– So your blog should be started to download in XML Format. Which should be named blog-Month-Day-Year.xml.

I’ve also mentioned above the other two options in Blog Tools which are Import Blog and Delete Blog. Import Blog is used to restore the backup of the whole Blog and Delete Blog is used to delete the whole Blog. As you may know that if you want to Import Blog then make sure that You’ve already taken back up of one of your Blogger Blog via above technique or if you’re blogging in any other blogging platform then you might have to follow different steps to take back up of that blog. So for that, you should just Google it.

So, After taking the successful backup via the above technique, Keep it in safe place so that it will be only used by you because you’re the owner of your backup. Some persons prefer to store backup in Cloud Drives like Dropbox or Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive etc. You can store there too if you want to. I prefer to take backup of the Template and the whole Blog near every 15 – 20 days. If I’ve done some big changes to my Blog then I will take backup that day.

There is a video on Youtube uploaded by Blogger on Import and export your blog

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So it’s my story. I want to know your views about this thing in the comments below.

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