How to shorten your links with and


You’ve shown the links covered with and

What’s the use of this ?

First that if your link is too long then it’ll short it and can give custom name.
Also you can check that how many people clicked it?
From where it has been clicked?
Is it clicked direct or any refferal.
Thus this is very helpful for the bloggers.

How to shorten my link?

# Go to or
# Sign in with your account details.
First talk about bitly.
# Then a page will open then paste your url to that box.

Click to Zoom

# Photo describes the steps.
# Also you can edit the last characters like if shorten link will be then you can customize it @
# Then copy your code and use it.
# How to get stats on it.(in bitly)

Click to Zoom
# Paste your link to that box to shorten.

# See all the details described in image.
# You can also hide the link(s) with checking it and after click hide button.
# How stats will organized? Look,

Click to Zoom

# So the stats will located in this way.
# Now you have done.
# So both are helpful.

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