How To Redirect Blog To Another Blog/URL

What is redirect?

– Redirect means just give the way to the right site or give a way to the destination which you want to show to viewer.
– Example is just simple that you type and it’ll redirect to google.
– Redirect is explaining itself…That you have opened site directly but also we want to re-direct to the main destination(If wrong).
– Redirect is important when you want to give more importance to your new destination.
How to redirect a blog to another blog/URL ?
# Just go to Your blog dashboard.
# Backup your template and click on Edit HTML tab.
# Then search for </head> and paste the below code above it.

<script type=”text/javascript”>

# Change the text which colored red with your redirect url/blog url.
# Feature of this is there are no jquery needed for this. Just simple javascript.
# Now save the template. You have just redirected. Just see your blog.
# If you want to unredirect then just remove this code from Html template editor.
# So now it’s simple better so enjoy and keep blogging …
Bye bye will meet in next tutorial.

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