How to make a copyright watermark in photoshop

Copyright sign means you are going to show reader that this picture has been made by this or that.
First of all we have to know bit about photoshop.
In photoshop,
# There are many layers can be included ,
# Can make a beautiful image ,
# Can make a pattern which can be applied to all photos ,
# Many effects for photos ,
# Many tools available for different uses.
– Photoshop was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. (Source: Wikipedia)

How to make copyright sign/watermark ??

# First go to photoshop and make a image which width is 6 inches and height is 4 inches and background Transparent .

Width 6 and height 4 inches background Transparent

# Then click on text tool and click somewhere on transparent image and write your text which I’ve written © 2013 kanu photography . How to add © ? Alt + 0169 [Note: 0169 is always from right-handed numbered keyboard.]

Add text somewhere on transparent image

# If you want to transform it means rotate press Ctrl + T  and rotate from left or right side. And press Enter to appy rotation.

Rotate by left or right side

# Then click on Image tab and click on Trim .So it’ll take the size where it’s filled . And select Transparent Pixels and also check that top , left , bottom , right is checked or not if not check it.Then click OK.

Click to zoom 

# Then click on Edit tab and click on Define Pattern and how it’ll look like. Then name it and click OK.

Click to Zoom

 # Then open your image which you want to add this. And click on Layer tab and New and Layer…and click OK . Then Click on Edit tab and click Fill… and choose pattern in Use box and Select your pattern in Custom pattern. May be the Last pattern is yours [may 100%].Hover the cursor for seconds at pattern it’ll give information about pattern. Then click OK .

Click to Zoom

# After this select Overlay mode from layers panel so it’ll take cool colors’ll match your image and decrease opacity until you satisfy. I’ve given 50%.

Click to Zoom

# Now you’ve done so enjoy.

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