How to Create Facebook Page & Manage it

First of all,
Before making a Facebook Page it is needed to know what is a facebook page,

Pages are for businesses, brands and organizations to share their stories and connect with people. Like profiles, you can customize Pages by publishing stories, hosting events, adding apps and more. People who like your Page and their friends can get updates in News Feed. – As in Facebook Helpcentre

So lets start making Facebook Page,

Don’t look at Activity Log xD, as its boring task for me it shows ### of notifications.

1. Press Create page as shown in above image, located inside your popup menu that drops down from arrow right next to privacy shortcuts. [as in desktop website]
Or you can directly create page by opening once you login to your account.

2. When you will click on Create Page, you’ll be redirected to page as shown in image above, Now you can choose one category you want to create page for from that 6 categorites.
We’ve choosen here Brand or Product as we’re Website so let’s go into brand or product.

3. Under Brand or Product and any of 6 categoried there were subcategories you have to select, We have selected website and You can name your page anthing you want to, but if there were too many pages on same name you may not proceed ahead as Facebook will not proceed you further if you’re trying to fake page or something like that !

4. As Creative Blogging Tips is already created by Us, we have to proceed ahead with Foo Foo Foo, So once your page is created you will start with it by completing procedure step by step as seen in above image or skip for later.
once you created your page you can facebook as your page instead as your profile.
Your website link will shown to your visitor once page is published. After creating Page,
Click on Getting Started will teach you rest of with onscreen instructions.

So we’ve end up creating a Page,
Next thing is Managing Your Page,

Facebook Page can be managed from your desktop website, android application named Pages Manager ( Playstore Link ) and iOS app.

Facebook Pages can have multiple admins, you can mange that under Page Roles inside page settings. You can manage people’s role at your page Admin, Editor,Moderator,Advertiser and Analyst. which all have limited roles unless admin. Admin can manage all aspects of the page.

We will be sharing some awesome working tricks to get your facebook page more popular among people in upcoming articles, So Subscribe us.

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