How to Choose the Right Camera for Vlogging

Aspiring to start your own video blog is not a bad idea at all. Anybody can make videos and share them on various platforms like business website, YouTube and others. To get started the most basic thing that you require is a vlogging camera. That is where the real confusion begins because picking out the right camera in the right budget is also important. Well it’s all about the right features within the right amount. Check out some of the features that you should look for while buying a camera for vlogging.

Purpose of the camera

Videos for different platforms have different texture. For example videos for a business website will have different kind of coverage; Videos for YouTube are entirely different whereas website videos are less complicated and simpler. The texture of vlogging you want to do will decide the camera you want to pick. Therefore it is important to be clear about the purpose.

Give it a shot

You don’t necessarily have to wait for the perfect camera to arrive. The more important thing is to start with what you have in hand no matter how bad the final footage is. It’s all about learning the right way to do it. you can learn with your smart phone or with an expensive set of instruments; either ways the first step would be learning. You can always have the option of buying a fancy camera at a standby and start practicing with video making because the perfect shot is when you get in the moment.

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Some good cameras

  • GoPro – a compact camera is the best choice for outdoor shooting by far. You can always make short films and carrying it is not a problem. GoPro can really help you shoot anywhere and it costs $199 on Amazon.
  • Canon T3i – is another great choice if you can spare $374 to start with. Having a DSLR has advantages of its own. It is different from the usual T3 because of its audio input jack which becomes an essential add on if you want to produce high definition videos and footages. 
  • Canon 5D – is a great choice for vloggers with its large sensors that aim at a perfect footage with clear shots and perfect lighting with a great resolution providing you with quality films. The focal length only adds up to the advantages of a better shot. The price is quite staggering but the device is worth the cost.
  • iPhone – is the easiest device available in the market to start vlogging. If you already have one then there is nothing else that you need to start making your own videos.

So before jumping into buying a new camera, experiment with yourself and get to know what you can do with the devices that you already have at your disposal.

Balance features

What are you going to cover in your videos is the question you must ask yourself before you start looking for cameras. For those of you who are going to record music or voices need a great microphone more than you need anything else. For this purpose get a Røde or Sennheiser microphone. For rough and forceful use you might want to have a camera that is water and dusts resistant like the GoPro. For more standard and official videos tripod is the equipment that you might want to get your hands on apart from the camera; the reason being that you would want a stable video for recording business propositions and meetings. You can make YouTube videos with any camera you lay your hands on as it is more casual. What you have to keep in mind is the techniques to shoot. The right features for the right purpose are essential.

Know your budget

Are you one of those who get a nervous breakdown after seeing the high prices of cameras? Well there’s a way of approaching consumerism. Since you have planned to invest your precious money in something it is only reasonable that you start researching about it. You will find a lot about vlogging and vlogging cameras on the internet. Your first priority should be defining your budget. one you are set that this is the amount of money you want to spend then look out for the best cameras  or top 10 best vlogging cameras out of which you can purchase a camera within your range.

Final Words

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