How to Check Your Blog For Malware

In Last Post we’ve describe you How to add blog to google webmaster tools, Now let’s have some knowledge about webmasters, how to check your blog for if it contains malware or not ?
If you have a blog with malwares it’s very dangerous to open.
So make sure you’re checking usually for malwares in your blog.,

Let’s Proceed

# 1. Open Webmaster Tools,
# 2. If you have signed in then you may skip this, but if you’re not then sign in with your google account,
# 3. For checking malware in your blog you must have added your blog to webmaster tools, if you’ve not added then, View Here How to add blog to google webmaster tools,
# 4. Now Open your blog in webmaster tools,
# 5. Navigate to Health Tab,
# 6. Click on Malware
# 7. If your blog is clean from malware, there will be message “Google has not detected any malware on this site.”
# 8. Still not getting ? view the image below,

# 9. You’re Done Checking Malware, keep this habit for a better blog management.

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