How to Become Beta Tester for Whatsapp

Whatsapp is rolling out update frequently with bug fixes & new features in its android app,
Android App Testing program can let you access Beta Version(Unreleased Version) of Whatsapp App,
Which version not yet released to public its in a beta testing mode,
So if you’re also curious about new features checking in beta version you can become Beta-Tester for Whatsapp and can easily get all features in app before its public release.

All you have to have is,
An Android Phone,
Playstore with Google Account,
And some patience 😉 !

Lets go through process

1. Open this link in Browser.
You’ll have screen like this as shown in below screenshot.

2. Once this screen comes, Click on Become A Tester !
But Before click Read instructions written over there, i.e. You might get some bug or an unstable version . Finally after clicking you’ll become a beta tester. after click you’ll Get screen like this ! as shown in screenshot below !

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If you do not like Testing version of whatsapp app, you can anytime leave the program, and if you find some bugs then report to URL shown in screenshot above.
After become beta tester you’ll get update with testing version !

Advantages of Beta Tester

  • You’ll get the latest testing version.
  • You can submit bugs so they can make even better everyday !
  • You’ll get early access to unreleased feature, just like if you got testing version you’ll get whatsapp text formatting feature!
  • You can anytime leave Beta Testing, Yes it’s advantage ! you’ll get that later

Disadvantages of Beta Tester

  • You’ll get bored sometimes getting updates repeatedly in some days !
  • Ofcourse it will bite some megabytes of your NetPack !
  • Testing versions are called so unpredictable sometime you get surprise what comes to a new feature or a terrible crash just like a one more unstable version.
  • Buggy version will get you irritate !

It’s only applicable to android app users only !

Final Words

If you’re Tech enthusiast & curious about whatsapp updates you should become a beta tester, but if you’re doing this only for early access to feature do not do this as it might drive some bugs sometime not usually but sometimes !

Feedbacks & Suggestions are welcomed in comments ! Thanks for Reading ! Share to the Tech Curious People !

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