Hike Smell : April Fool Prank From Hike!

Hike is a social messaging app that is popular for its stickers, rewards & extras!
Hike just gets a new feature called hike smell,
Well I tried that but it was April fool as I smells like Trolled xD ! for its users(Screenshot Below),

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It tells more when you click How it Works ? from popup menu !
How can one smell from phone screen ?
Hike is always ahead in creating impressions on occasion by stickers,or this type of prank!!
Hike is growing popular among Young users for its features like stickers , ocassionally stickers !
Attach Smell & How it Works ? (FAQ) Screenshots are attached below…
Nose Blocked xD
Your nose May be Blocked ! xD

Up to You !

Comment below what you think hike smell is April fool or not ?
Have a Nice Day !

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