Guide to Blogger Template Editor Updated UI

Blogger is a platform for creating blogs and share them publically with the world, But usually blogger keeps updating its user interface for users to relax and feel ease while blogging. Blogger dashboard also update before some time back, when its new, people couldn’t find it comfortable, but now it’s more easier to use after understanding how it works,

Blogger also updated its Template’s Edit HTML box or you can just call a xml editor of your blog, well it’s new to use and if you find it cozy , this article will increase your knowledge and let you easily attach with your blog editor.

Blogger’s Dashboard user inteface are same just a change is there in template’s HTML editor. It has some more nice feature and easier interface. you can swiftly can find your widget code, there is no need to Tick Expand Widget Template now !

How it will Look Like ?

Guide to New Template Editor

As mentioned in above image, you can jump to widget code, instant preview for your template in action and you can format template if you have expanded many blocks. The more easier and awesome feature is you can see the line number and locate easier while getting an error.

How Do I Add CSS in New Template Editor ?

Yup it’s easy to add css in new template editor, just find <b:skin> … </b:skin> and click arrow beside it or just expand it,
Now Find “]]></b:skin>” and add css just above it. that’s it.


  • You can jump to any widget’s code , no need to tick expand widget template in newer interface.
  • Quick preview for editing
  • if you’ve done a mistake , error will take you to the line!
  • colored codes will find you easier to access template.

!! Warning !!

If you does not know editing xml ! then keep your codes untouch otherwise it will result in widget disabling or any other serious bug.
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