Google Doodles For Indian Railway

India’s First Passenger Train Doodle

What is Google Doodle ?

Do you know what is google doodle, google doodle is a service by google, which replace its homepage logo with custom logo containing description of event. Many events has been doodled by google, Still for india, Indian Railways First Passenger railway was started in 16 April, so Google doodles a logo for Indian Railway.

Google Doodle Official Website

Google Doodle has its official website,
You can view there all doodles, till now more than 1000 of doodles have been created as said by google.
Doodlers design doodle in illustrator and make them look fine with event and its own logo.

Can i submit one ?

Yes, you can also submit a doodle to google, of course google getting too many requests everyday, they may avoid you if you’re not sending a unique and nice doodle, so be some creative while sending doodle at google.

How did Google Doodle Comes to Existance ?

You can view this About Page for google doodle, there is too nice information which will let you know many interesting things about google doodle.

Just an interesting information to know about.

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