Generate Strong and Unique Passwords using a tool called Secure Passwords

Basically, we try to make our password easy to remember and sometimes we make a big mistake like using same password in many websites. Now if someone get your password from one account then he/she can get access to all your online accounts. It’s good if we use Special characters, Numeric and Alphabet in our password. Thus, It might be very hard to remember the all passwords… Right?

So, Here I am going to show you a tool called Secure Passwords which is made by well-known blogger Amit Agarwal. Actually this tool is created long ago but I found it near one/two month ago so I am writing this article later.

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Why should you use this tool?

This tool is easy to use, works on mobile and tablet(on which JavaScript enabled).
Small size website so it’ll load faster on 2g, low network connections.
You’ve to remember only one password(secret key) in order to generate passwords.
It generates password in your browser/app so all the process is done on client side. Thus, The generated password neither saved nor transferred to the server.

How to use this Tool?

  1. Open your browser, go-to
  2. Enter your username for which you want to generate password. E.g. [email protected]
  3. Then, Enter domain name in field “web domain” on which your account is. E.g. Google
  4. Enter “password length” as per your choice… I prefer 12 or more than it. E.g. 15
  5. Enter “secret key” which must be remembered by you in order to generate passwords. (The only key is necessary to remember while generating passwords) E.g. !MySup3rSecretK3Y
  6. Then, click on show password/hit Enter key.
  7. Now, you can see generated password which you’ve to copy and use for your account.

Note: You should never share your secret key with anyone. (and make sure that you are choosing the secret key strong by using Numeric, Alphabet and Special characters in it.)

Tip: There are some sites which requires you to change the password every month. In that case, You should just append the month and year to your secret key.
For Example:
On Dec, 14: !MySup3rSecretK3Ydec14
On Jan, 15: !MySup3rSecretK3Yjan15

More info about Secure Passwords

This tool using Bcrypt algorithm to generate passwords.
Which seems to be used by SuperGenPass and this is by Secure Passwords.
Amit(The creator of this Tool) uses this tool for his many online accounts. (As he says in Youtube Video which is embedded below)


There are 4 ways to generate passwords from this tool:

Go directly to
Download the Android app.
Use Google Chrome Extension.
Download it offline and then open index.html in browser and then use it.

So, here it’s. It’s simple. Special Thanks to Amit Agarwal for making this awesome tool. This tool is open-source and the code is hosted in Github.

Note: We’re not promoting this tool. We like to give you information about this tool because we think that, this tool will be helpful to secure your online accounts. We’ve not tied up with Amit Agarwal at all. Anyway we appreciate his effort to make this awesome tool. Again Thanks Amit. 🙂 So enjoy your life, stay secured.

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