Finally Google PageRank has been updated on 6th Dec. 2013

Hello folks,

A really good news is that Google PageRank is updated on 6th Dec. 2013 which was previously updated on 4th Feb. 2013.

# So the bloggers and some geeks are really surprised about it. Some blogger expected that their pagerank will be this or that…
# This time both happens means pagerank decreased for some websites/blogs and increased for some websites/blogs.
# By the way the updated PageRank of the SeeBeeTee is 1.
# We’re really excited about it, it’s finally happen. Now the main benefit of this is to be taken by you means you should take advantage of it. Means you should probably notice your advertisers about your PageRank and do a post on it etc.
# It’s really nice to get higher PageRank(or increasing in PageRank) but don’t get nervous if your PageRank decreased.
# Just update your quality of the post, Try to make connection with visitor, Connect with Social Media and Try to catch much traffic from Social Media as much as you can.
# You should be updated with the new technologies, tricks etc.
# You should try out some new techniques in the web and should post about it.
# So These are some basic solutions for getting good traffic and increase your PageRank.
# If you want to check your blog’s/website’s PageRank you can directly check it Here.
So bye bye and wish you get good PR and traffic. Questions/Queries/Problems always welcomed in comments.

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