Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of Blog is this?
This blog is for providing new updates in blogger, css, html, etc new things. We’ll try to give you the latest updates.

2. Why have you choosen seebeetee.com?
We have chosen seebeetee.com because,
SEE = C = Creative
BEE = B = Blogging
TEE = T = Tips.
We want to give more creative then ever tips.

3. Do you accept guest posts?
Yes, We accept guest post but you must follow our rules and regulations related to the guest post.
You can go to guest post page by clicking here.

4. Can I send you any suggestion or if I want any help then how will I contact you?
Yes, You can send your suggestion or if you need any help related to the blog tips/blog niche then you can contact us @ contact page.

5. Is this Blog properly open in all devices?
We have tried to cover most of pc(s), laptop(s) resolution etc.
In the mobile, You will not get more features which can be available in large devices.

6. Do you have ‘Privacy Policy’?
Yes, We have privacy policy @ here.

7. When have you started the Blog ?
This blog started near Oct. 2012.

8. Who is author of this Blog?
This blog is founded by Mr. Yash Mandaliya and co-founded by Mr. Kaushalya Mandaliya.
We are brothers.Yash mandaliya is older brother.
Facebook: Yash Mandaliya
Twitter: Yash Mandaliya, Kaushalya Mandaliya

9. Can I get a blog/product review or Can I hire you?
Yep, Just send your request to us via our contact page.

10. Can I be an author in your blog ?
Yes, You might be but you have to give us some guest posts and then we’ll decide.
We are not saying that 100% you can be author here, But it will be decided by Me and Yash.

So This might be helping you in future for contacting SeeBeeTee.

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