WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature: Everything You Need to Know

Recently WhatsApp rolled out with its new feature called recall message. This feature was earlier available to beta testers. But now they started rolling out to everyone.

First, it was testing feature for beta users (Want to know how to become? Read How to Become Beta Tester). But it is not pushed out to the stable build. Last week they started rolling out to the devices in India. This new feature is extremely handy because one can delete message even after sending it, however, the sender can only delete the message within 7 minutes of sending. And the receiver will still able to look that message stating this has this message has been deleted for Android users, and iOS users will be notified as this message has been recalled.

WhatsApp Screenshot Showing Deleted Message
Screenshot of how it looks

Generally, WhatsApp is ahead of providing innovative features and almost seems to compare to Snapchat and Instagram. This instant messaging application had also released live location feature a month or two back.

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What is this recall feature?

I think everyone will or had come across a situation where they have sent the wrong message to the wrong person by mistake. Then what this new feature will come to handy. WhatsApp has become the probably mostly used communication application since last few years. But some persons will use it without the pretty knowledge to it, so they sometime surely ending up sending the wrong message to the wrong person.

Before this feature even if you know you have sent the wrong message, you can’t and send it like Instagram does. But now you can press the delete button and click on delete for everyone it will delete from you and as well as receiver but somehow you may call a Con or Pro both because this message can only be deleted within 7 minutes of its sending, so next time you send message to another person who was not supposed to get that message be quick enough to recall message!

Advantages of Recall Feature

  • Now you can recall message easily.
  • In no time you can correct your mistake.

Disadvantages of this Feature.

  • The message still shows as deleted in another device.
  • There is a time limit of 7 minutes that means you can only recall within 7 minutes of sending the message.
  • Both devices should be upgraded to the latest update of WhatsApp if not the feature will not work correctly.
  • Quoted message yet cannot be recalled also within 7 minutes of its send but I have tried & it works well.
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