Driving Traffic To Your Older Blog Posts: Reasons and Benefits

There are plenty of good reasons to drive people to your old blog posts, but the fact is that some of your blog posts are going to become outdated. So, before you read this article on the benefits of driving traffic to your old posts, you should consider updating your old posts every now and again. Sometimes, this is going to be simply impossible as there are some topics that are so convoluted that they cannot simply be updated. But, other times it may be a case of answering your own blog posts questions.

For example, you may have written a blog post about someone who was accused of committing a murder, and at the end of your blog post you could say “will she/he get away with it?” In this case your update would consist of nothing more than a footnote saying, “He/she was found guilty in xxxx and imprisoned for xxxx years.” Unless of course you live in Texas where it would read “He/she was found guilty in xxxx and executed in xxxx.”

For the reason that you may keep your bounce rate down

People are going to visit your blog, and every now and again they are going to re-visit it. If your blog is “all about” your newest posts then the viewer has no reason to stay, so will bounce from the website. If he or she is encouraged to visit your older posts, then even an accidental visit may result in him or her sticking around a little longer.

The benefit of keeping your bounce rate down

It keeps people on your blog longer, and a high bounce rate is not really a very desirable metric to have. Keeping it down is often a signal of a good website or blog.

For the reason that you will be able to grow your fan base

The more reasons you give people to stick around on your website or blog, then the higher the chances are that he or she is going to become a loyal viewer. Older blog posts may capture the reader’s interest more than the newest blog post.

The benefit of growing your fan base

Whatever the initial reason for you setting up your blog was, it will work a lot better if it has a big fan base. A larger fan base will mean that your message will disseminate amongst more people too.

For the reason that you will still receive comments on old blog posts

The comments on these older posts are going to come about because you are directing people to them. The more comments you have then the more you are likely to receive.

The benefit of getting comments on old blog posts

They each have an SEO benefit attached with the comment. Your older posts will raise higher in the search engine results, as a result of the comments you still receive.

For the reason that you may use older blog posts as advertising for your blog

In this case your older post updates can be used as a reason for posting online. Every time you update an old blog post then you have a great excuse for Tweeting about it, or Facebook-ing it, or Google+-ing it. You have a reason to draw attention to your blog without it looking like you are over promoting. Plus, there are people who are going to want to read the updates to your blog.

The benefit of driving traffic to your blog

Some people are going to want to read these new updates that you have declared upon your social media profile or in your email newsletter. They are going to return to your blog for a look at your updates and to see if there is anything that will interest them. You can play into this by giving them newer blog posts to look at via a suggestions panel at the bottom of the blog post.

For the reason that your blog will look as if it is of a higher quality

People want to visit a site if they know that all the posts are kept up to date.

The benefit of more followers because your blog is of a higher quality

More people will brag about your blog and you will subsequently get even more followers than you did already.

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This is Guest Post by Kate Funk. She is a passionate blogger and online tutor who coaches individuals in writing skills.
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