Do you want to know how much time you spend in your smartphone, Here’s the solution “QualityTime”

One of the best apps ever for me is QualityTime. It’s for tracking your time. If you spend too much time on your smartphone then I am sure that After analyzing your stats of the apps (How much you use the apps), you will going to have some encouragement for giving less time to your smartphone. As happen to me, Sometimes I spend a lot of time in my smartphone but after seeing that I’ve spent too much time on my smartphone, after that day I automatically get an idea in my mind when I pull down my status bar, “Buddy now you should stop using your device”, or “go for a walk” or “do what’s necessary”. (Because when I pull down my status bar, I can see the usage of the day in a little box. Which is provided by QualityTime.)

So in the above image, You can see the Usage of the day and Screen Unlocks per day in a little box. Which may also warn you too.

This application provides many features. When you first open the application it’ll show you the usage of the day, with the timeline of the whole day. (Timeline actually means that it’ll show you how much time you spent on the applications with system time)

So on that day my device’s usage is 2h 13m till 19:50. You just have to swipe down to see the whole day activity. From this you can track your time like If you ever question yourself that “What I was doing 2 days ago at 5:30 PM in my device” then If you’re using this app then you can directly swipe left two times and then you can see the whole day activity.

If you would like to see specific apps usage then you just have to swipe up or click that top-center arrow to get detailed status of apps.

If you want to know that how many times you opened an application then you just have to swipe right(from the above first pic) and it’ll show you the frequency of the application(above last pic). In the above two screens, if you swipe up then you will directly jump to the weekly calculation(s) like weekly usage of the apps / weekly frequency of the apps.

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There are also many other features:

  • You can exclude an app from tracking it’s usage,
  • You can get yesterday’s usage summary every 8 am,
  • You can also set Daily Usage Alert for specific apps like setting an alert for Facebook if usage goes more than 60 minutes,
  • etc.

It seems like QualityTime is now only available for the Android devices. So, that’s all about QualityTime. I hope you utilize your time and use it wisely.

Link: QualityTime in Play Store, QualityTime Website
A thought that jumping in my mind to tell you:

Time waits for no one.
– Unknown

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This post is not sponsored by QualityTime at all. I’ve personally used this app and giving frankly opinion/review of the app. Thanks!
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