Customized Author’s Comment in Blogger

You might have seen that when there are too many comments in a article, You can easily find out which comment is by admin due to different design of admin’s / author’s comment.

How it will look like,

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What will you have to do ?
You can do this with the help of CSS3, Here is a step by step tutorial, Follow the tutorial and get your comment customized!

Live Demo

You can see Live demo in this blog’s comments, This blog has customized style for author comments.

Start Editing

# Open Blogger Dashboard
# Navigate to Template
# Backup Your Template
# Click Edit Html
# Search For  “.comments .comments-content”
# Now Delete this Line and also delete its within brackets contents(Whole Css for selected text), it will be in { } brackets.
# Now copy below css in that place where you deleted that code,

.comments .comments-content
position: absolute;
height: 30px;
width: 100%;
top: 0;
left: -10px;
background: rgba(246, 29, 255, 0.3);

# Save Template

Change Color ?

Now you’re done editing with your comments, You can choose many colors but, it’s better to choose light color because dark color will reduce opacity of text.

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