CSS Guide for Newbie Blogger Part – 1

You all know that CSS is most part of webpage means if you remove the css then the look of webpage will be changed.
Cascading Stylesheet: Why use this?
Css is used to design the webpage using css’s rules,attributes etc.
Css have many types like Less, Scss and Sass.
These are high-level css so we are not going to use it now.
There are some properties which we must learn when doing some experiment related to the css, web design, blog feature etc.

1. Padding

# This is used to give indent to the content.
# Your content will be spaced as your value.

body {
   padding: 5px 10px 15px 20px;

# In this, you noticed that I’ve given four sizes.
# First is padding-top, Second is padding-left, Third is padding-bottom and Fourth is padding-right.
# You can also give different size to each side.

2. Margin

# Margin is like padding but padding indent from inside and margin indent from outside.
# It’s also written as padding.

body {
   margin: 5px 10px 15px 20px;

# It’ also follow padding type rules.

3. Display

# This property helps to hide/display your content.
# Sometimes when we using js,jquery then we need that.
# So this is also helpful as other.

body {
   display: none;

# It’ll display none in the body part.
# Other values are display: block, display: inline-block; etc.

4. Text-transform

# This property is related to text.
# If you want to transform text into uppercase or etc. then this will help.

body {
   text-transform: uppercase;

# This will transform all text to uppercase.
# There are also other values like text-transform: capitalize; text-transform: lowercase; etc.

5. Font

# This property will help you for manipulate the font.
# You can/have to give 3 values in the font.

body {
   font: bold 24px ‘Courier’;

# This should the sequence. First is font-weight which can be in text[bold,bloder,normal]/in digit[up to 900], Second is font-size which can be in text/percent, Third is font-family which is font’s name which you want to show off.
So these are the properties which are in the Part-1 and Part-2 is here.

If you have any question related to this topic,
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