(COVID-19) 11 Things to do While you’re at home during the Global Pandemic

Since many countries have been affected by this global pandemic: COVID-19, maintaining social distancing and staying at home are the crucial steps to overcome this situation. As some of the countries have already declared the Lockdown because of the COVID-19: Corona Virus Pandemic, you can do the activities you always wanted to do but avoiding because of the lack of time. Here I’ve listed some activities which you can do until the situation gets better.

1. Get connected with your friends (virtually)

And here I’m talking about all the friends, either he/she is your schoolmate or even your childhood friend or maybe your college mate. This is the time to catch up on the people you love. Don’t let this opportunity go. And I’m sure you’ll going to love this activity.

2. Start writing, either a journal or a blog or maybe a book!

A pen and paper
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

At sometimes you would have been thinking about writing a blog or maybe writing a diary. Then you should start now. This is the time to get started! Take my words for it, writing is one of the best things to express yourself. You want to write only and don’t want to deal with technical stuff, you can start blogging with zero technical knowledge using many platforms such as Blogger or Medium or WordPress. After reading this article, go ahead and visit your choice of a blogging platform and start your blog today!

3. Learn a new course online, my favorite activity so far!

You ever wanted to learn how the website is being designed/developed, go for it, you can learn it on the internet itself. You wanted to learn a new coding language/a framework, just go, do it now. You wanted to learn Adobe Photoshop/ Adobe Premiere Pro/ Video Editing, just go for it. Anything that you ever wanted to learn would be available on the internet either in the source of videos/articles, utilize this opportunity and make the most of it.

4. Want to learn to cook? This is the time you should get your hands dirty!

Cooking During Covid-19 Global Pendemic
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You can skip this in case you know cooking! When it comes to cooking, at some point in time, we wish we know how to cook at least basic things, so in case we’re at home alone, we can make something to eat and satisfy our cravings. This is a great time to learn this and you’d be thankful for this in your future! I’ve also started learning, many thanks to these days. As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, satisfying your midnight cravings via ordering food online is almost impossible (at least in India), thus you must learn some cooking skills.

5. Do the Meditation / Yoga / Workout 😉

A person doing Yoga
Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

On a normal day, we’d not get time in the busy schedule or maybe the time we normally spent on the commute to work and coming back home is the time right now you can use to make your body healthy. In case you’re the person who likes to do meditation or wanted to start it, go for it and do it now. Yoga is an activity that should be a part of our daily schedule and if it’s done at the starting of the day, it has many benefits like improved respiration, increased muscle strength and tone, more energy in the body, weight reduction. You can watch the yoga sessions on your phone and do it right away at your home, it’s that simple.

In case you just started the gym in early 2020 (just like me) but because of the Pandemic, you can’t continue, don’t worry! You can shape your body and make yourself fit by doing exercises like Push-ups, Plank, Crunches, Jumping Jacks. I hope you use this time to get fit and healthy!

6. Find your old photos and live on those memories!

Who does not like to see their old pictures! Let’s take out the albums and photos of your childhood and relive those memories! And don’t forget to capture some pictures on your phone of those memories. In case you’re a Father/Mother, show the old pictures to your children! You can also see your CD/DVD of your marriage/any function held in the past.

7. Read some books/blog posts or maybe it’s time to clear your Pocket List!

Books and Pen
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

You might have saved a lot of articles in your Pocket List or maybe you like to read a blog on the technology or maybe you like to read a Philosophy book, go for it and read it now. Wear your reading glasses and start reading the 5 books (one after one!) you didn’t read because you didn’t have enough time. And this is an opportunity to grow your skills and knowledge by reading and learning from it.

8. Watch Movies! Really the long ones you’re avoiding because of the lack of time!

A Man in front on TV
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

And you were saying no to a lot of series and/movies because of your busy schedule in the normal days? Use this time to watch all the movies and/or series you’re avoiding. So start your laptop and binge watch!

9. Clean your room/house, yes please do it!

Umm, as many of you’d definitely not read this paragraph but who is reading this… I hope you use this time to clean your house and sanitize it where necessary. What you can do is just clean the stuff which you mostly do at the end of the year.

10. Learn a new Language

This is a great opportunity for the one who wants to learn a new language. There are many sources from which you can learn the language, e.g. Videos. Especially applications are available for both Android and iOS for easy learning. Because of this COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll have sufficient time getting started with a new language. You can at least clear the basics of it.

11. And finally, it’s time to sleep, take a huge amount of one until you get satisfied!

A woman sleeping
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And this is my favorite one! I love sleeping, who doesn’t! So use this time wisely and sleep enough, instead of sleeping late and waking up early, it’s better to take enough sleep. Taking less sleep will affect your body such as high blood pressure, weakened immunity, poor balance. Thus now, head up towards your bed and take a nap now, RIGHT NOW. (Just kidding :D)

And lastly, I request you all my dear readers to please stay at home until the situation gets better, don’t cross the “Laxman Rekha” until it is very necessary. Be connected with friends and family via calls/messaging apps. Help your partner/family in this tough situation and in case you don’t know cooking, help them in the other way of the household work. It’s important for us to stay cautious in this COVID-19 global pandemic situation. The whole world is fighting with COVID-19 together and remember: “We’ll win”.

And that’s it. Thanks a lot for reading this long article. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family via sharing buttons. And let me know your thoughts regarding the activities you’re going to do from the above in the comments.


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