Things You Should Know Before Changing or Editing Your Blogger Template

Backup/Restore Your Blogger Template

Hello all,
This post is about taking care most for newbie bloggers, after startup blogging I also got to know these things after some months but somehow it does not harass me that much because I was running same default template for almost a year.
But this is harmful for those who changes template frequently or make changes in existing template.
First thing you should know before changing or editing your existing template,

You must back up your template before editing.

If something went wrong so you can able to restore your backed up template that contain everything and you can easily restore them just like system recovery point. Important scripts are deleted then no worry you can restore it back by uploading downloaded template.
The matter to look inside is you should care about what you’re editing, if you don’t know what you’re editing and copying the scripts it is not recommended at all.

You should not change in widget tags if you’re new to blogger, if some got error then template won’t be saved and you have to loss some data(if not downloaded template.).
Direct installing widget from other sites may see/generate some unknown data of your blog; you should install widget only from trusted sites.
If you want to make custom to template and doesn’t know the proper coding, then it is recommended to use template designer instead of using Html Editor.

If somehow you forgot to take backup of your blog, you won’t be able to get it back your old template so it is strongly recommend from my side to take full backup of your blog, there is also a screenshot attached for taking Backup of your blogger template.

Your blogger template backup will contain almost each thing like Posts, Comments & Designing (CSS style sheets, Widgets and Scripts that you modified or installed at a time.

How to restore your backup?

After taking backup of your blogger template, you just tried to make some changes in your template and something went wrong that isn’t fixable easily or you don’t know how to fix it, Then you’ll always able to restore your full template by clicking Import Blog inside settings as shown in screenshot.

Editing your blogger template is yet another tough task to perform for newbie bloggers because its html editor is tough to understand what stands for what. If you are editing particular widget you must close whole tags in html editor in order to save your template otherwise you’ll keep getting error <div> is not closed or something like that with exact line no. like 1134. After saving whole template just View blog for any unwished changes in blog.

If there is no unwished changes in blogger.You have achieved success in saving your template without no errors, If still something went wrong, Comment here with problem description we would happy to assist you. Have a happy blogging.

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