14 Tips To Boost Your Blog Traffic In Few Days

Everyone is finding a content for posts, For your blog to have huge traffic you must have unique content, Don’t Copy any post from other’s blog..,

1. Write great,well researched and original posts,do not copy any posts from other blogs.
2. Keep posting regularly,Once in a week will result in poor popularity.
3. If you’re doing something new on your blog, let people learn that thing, be free to share knowledge,”sharing knowledge=earning knowledge“.

4.Give your post a Eyecatching title.
5.Write guest posts and also let guests write posts to your blog.
6. Write well created and explained tutorials with video, Video will take your post traffic to huge visitors.
7. Make your blog design simple but yet beautiful, Don’t make complex by using unnecessary slideshows or widgets.
8. Don’t make your blog lazy loading with javascript popup ads.
9. Your post’s SEO should be maintain well(i.e title,custom permalink,header in post,well aligned content), it grows traffic.
10. Submit your blog to online blog directories.
11. Be social, Make your blog’s fan page on facebook, Make your blog available to follow with twitter,Make your post available to share with social world.
12.You can create a page with Google+, So create it and share it on blog.
13. Be creative,Make your post creative.
14. Use blogroll to get new visitors.

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