Best Practices for Being Eligible for Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the way to earn money from your website or blog.
Let’s go directly to the topic, Sometimes your website or blog application may got rejected by AdSense because of some reasons.
But you may make your blog or website eligible for AdSense Ads postings.

Here is some useful tips:

  • First & Important make your blog in AdSense supported languages.
  • Make your blog loading fast, you can make this by letting go of some non-useful JavaScripts and widgets, maybe those things takes much time to load.
  • If your number of posts is low, then improve it by increase your posting and post with images and more than 500 words should make better impressions.
  • Give your blog a better and useful title and SEO friendly description. So that every search engine crawls well.
  • Give your blog a topic and post about the topic with full references and sources. If possible never go out of topic.
  • Tweak your design of blog, Creative design may create some attraction. Don’t make it confusing by adding non-useful widgets.
  • Make your blog feeds available for readers of your Blog or Website. In Blogger you can simply add its widget.
  • Make your blog’s/website’s Template clean & responsive, Don’t complicate it with too much designing. Because sometimes it may be the reason of disapproval of your AdSense request.
  • You should never use abusive language(s)/word(s) in your blog posts. This should never get your blog approved in AdSense.
  • Maintain your blog post frequently on daily or weekly basis.
  • Responsiveness is now a key factor in Google Search Results. So you should make your template responsive as soon as possible.
  • Make sure your blog/website have these pages: Contact Us, About Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy.
  • We recommend you to add “Sitemap page” too.

At the end, If you learn something from this blog post just share it, If this post needs improvement or you know any more tips about getting approval in Google AdSense then please give feedback to us via Contact Us Page.

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