Asus ZenFlash (AFLU002) Review

After doing the video review of Asus ZenFone 2 Deluxe, Writing about the Asus ZenFlash which is launched by Asus near couple of months ago. The ZenFlash is sold in India near Rs. 1600. The ZenFlash transforms your smartphone into a professional-grade camera with its Xenon flash.

Main Features of Asus ZenFlash:

  • 4.8 GN Xenon flash that offers 100 times brighter flash than regular phone camera flashlights (As per Asus claims)
  • Connected via USB OTG, neither batteries nor charging required
  • For the ZenFone 2 only, ready to go upon connection
  • USB cable and protective sleeve included (The USB cable is located in ZenFlash itself.)

(Note: GN= farthest shooting distance guide number; in index that allows photographers to understand when using the flash)

Things you get inside the box

The ZenFlash with its protective sleeve, a piece of Velcro that helps the ZenFlash stay in place, User Guide, and Warranty Card.

This is the ZenFlash inside the protective sleeve; the loop allows you to carry the device on your key chain or your bag straps, but you actually have to take it out when you use it.

As stated in the box itself, This ZenFlash only works in Asus Zenfone 2 Devices. (Works on Zenfone 2 Deluxe too.)

The design of ZenFlash is good. Size is small and easy to use. You have to stick it to the back side of the Zenfone. I’ve experienced that if you won’t stick it, then the ZenFlash won’t work although you’ve connected the ZenFlash via USB Cable. The ZenFlash can be purchased from Flipkart. Here is the link:

This is how it should be sticked to the Smartphone. When you connect the USB cable with the smartphone, ZenFlash App will automatically launched if it’s installed, either you’ve to download it from the Play Store.

When you capture the shots from the ZenFlash app, Your smartphone flash and the ZenFlash both will be used.

Final Words

ZenFlash will come handy when you want to capture the shots which are 4 or 5 feet away from you either your smartphone flash will be enough. The ZenFlash performs really well in low light. Sometimes this flash will give you an alert if the object you’re trying to capture is too much close. So this will be helpful if you capture many pictures in low light and would like to give a professional look to your photos.

So that’s it. Good Bye. 🙂

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