Asus LolliFlash (AFLU001) Review

Asus LolliFlash
Asus LolliFlash

After reviewing Asus ZenFlash, In this post, I am reviewing the Asus LolliFlash.
First impressions of the Asus LolliFlash would be “Easy to use and tiny”.
It’s actually dual-color flash because it spreads light via two colors: White and Yellow.
Asus LolliFlash will spread the light in 3 phases.

  • 1st phase will spread low or I would say medium light. (Asus call it low level)
  • 2nd phase will add little more light to the 1st phase. (Medium level)
  • 3rd phase will add little more to the 2nd phase. (High level)

Actually the 3rd phase is best if you’re shooting or capturing in the location where there seems to be no light.

This LolliFlash comes in 5 different colors: White, Red, Blue, Yellow And Black. It also comes with multi-color filters which you can mask to the LolliFlash.
To connect the LolliFlash to your device is simple, simply attach the LolliFlash via 3.5mm Audio Jack. Here connect means that to use LolliFlash while shooting, you don’t have to hold it yourself, it can be attached to the smartphone via 3.5mm Jack. There will not be any notification in your smartphone like LolliFlash has been attached or like that.
The good thing is that after attaching the LolliFlash, you can rotate it as per your requirement. (360 degree rotation)
LolliFlash is used to charge via a Micro USB Port. Asus says it takes near 100 mins to full charge. But for me it took near 60 – 65 minutes to full charge. The capacity of the LolliFlash is 65 mAh.
Asus says that the battery life can last near 3 hours (in low level) and 20 minutes (in high level). I’ve tested in high level it lasted near 22 minutes.
Asus LolliFlash
Asus LolliFlash
As you can see in the above image, There is a power button in the left side of the LolliFlash which is used to switch it on or off. This button is used to transform from one to another phase.
For Example:
If the LolliFlash is off right now.

  • Press the Power button -> Switches to 1st phase.
  • Again Press the Power button -> Switches to 2nd phase
  • Again Press the Power button -> Switches to 3rd phase
  • Again Press the Power button -> LolliFlash turns off.

This LolliFlash is available to buy in India via Flipkart and The price of Asus LolliFlash is Rs. 899.


It’s really worth the money as per my experience. It will come handy if you often shoot in low light and yeah mainly while taking selfie at night. I would say the light it produces in high level(3rd phase) is really good.
That’s all.
Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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