About Us

SeeBeeTee is a fun-learning portal for Blogging, Web Designing/Development, Frontend Tooling, Blogging Tools & Widgets and also in the Technological world.

When and How?

SeeBeeTee” is publishing articles on Blogger, CSS, HTML, Blogging Tips/widgets, Smartphones and on many more topics since December 2012, and will be till last. We try to keep our article as simple and short as possible, but as you might agree, sometimes long article worths reading. When we started this portal, our main goal is to provide information which our reader wants.

Behind the curtain

Yash Mandaliya had an idea to found a portal for bloggers. SeeBeeTee has been founded by him.
Now both, Kaushalya and Yash Mandaliya are equal owners of this portal.

Talking about Yash and Kaushalya, We are brothers. Yash is elder one. By education, Yash is Automobile Engineer while Kaushalya is having bachelor degree in Computer Engineering and currently he is building lots of applications and websites.

Yash is a passionate blogger and love to write tutorials. He always has the vision to let learn & earn bloggers and beginners. You can reach him personally at yash[at]seebeetee.com.

Kaushalya has a wide vision to let people learn tricky things with smart techniques. He just loves to tinker with web technologies and sometimes even in the Android Studio. He also do testing of smartphones coming for review at SeeBeeTee. In case you’re a PR company and would like to send review units, hit us at admin[at]seebeetee.com. You can reach him personally at kaushalya[at]seebeetee.com.

Social Profiles

Yash Mandaliya: Facebook , Twitter , CodePen , Google+

Kaushalya Mandaliya: Facebook , Twitter , CodePen , Google+


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Much ♥ from Kaushalya & Yash Mandaliya
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