A 85 YO Italian Grandma’s Reaction to Google Home Mini Went Viral On the Internet

Is It “Goo Goo?” or “OK! Google”?

Children may take to innovation without much preparing, however, the older people regularly show up slower in adjusting to the new technologies. This is presently more than obvious in a YouTube video that demonstrated how panicked an Italian grandma moved toward becoming when she was exploring how to use the Google Home Mini. And Italian Grandma’s Reaction to Google Home is worth watching and funny!

The 85-year-old lady was shocked by the tiny smart assistant and her responses have surprised the Internet.

Ben Actis, a YouTube user uploaded the video of his 85-year-old grandma figuring out how to use the gadget.

The video has been seen by more than 1M people in just about a week and is now getting much speedier footing as other media outlets are likewise sharing the video for the charming reactions of the grandma.

The lady seems confounded by the Google home until the point when somebody proposes that she have a go at saying “Hey, Google.”

Rather than Google, the grandma is heard saying “Goo Goo”.

Also, after a couple of endeavors to influence the gadget to react, she was asking it what the weather is. The grandma got so shocked that she bounced off the table at the point when Google Home actually replied.

Grandma found the gadget entirely baffling and startling.

Look the Video Below: Italian Grandma’s Reaction to Google Home

And also after instructions on how to use, grandma keeps saying, “Goo Goo”! Italian Grandma’s Reaction to Google Home is Maybe the funniest thing I’ve seen today!

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