7 Tools To Help Boost Your Blog

Writing a blog can actually be one of the best ways to relieve some stress. But, there are also some instances in which bloggers earn some money on it. Who would have thought that in just a simple writing you can gain a lot of things.

It can be that difficult to start with a blog, especially when you are not born to be a blogger in the first place. But in reality, there is nothing to fear as just like any activities, blogging can be that easy to learn, when you are that determined to do it. There is nothing to fear when you are going to venture with blogging as there are actually some tools to help you any newbie bloggers to stay on the right track.

Hence, here are some tools that will help you boost your blog.

1. WordPress – this can be considered to be one of the popular and user friendly tool that any bloggers will definitely recommend to use. When you deal with blogging, it is important that you are comfortable with that you are about to use. The fact that it is a free software and that newbies will not have a hard time as it is easy to customize to a blogger’s content.

2. Google Analytics – this can be one of the tools that every blogger should have. Some may not be familiar with it, but for some who can be pro in the field of blogging. Google Analytics is recommended for bloggers can have that access enough to find out the sources of traffic and if how much time does visitors spend on your site and shows some specific reason on why they end up clicking on your site. In the end this free tool can certainly help every bloggers monitor and analyze their traffic in a convenient way.

3. 99designs – when it comes to graphic design, this tool is something that should not be missed!. The fact that it has that unique site and considered as marketplace in which it can provide some information on a specific project. This could be a good place to visit when bloggers have some frustrations in terms of designing. In this it will help them see and have that most creative minds.

4. BufferApp – when it comes to social media tools that can have that boosting effect, BufferApp is one of the tools to rely on. This is simply one of the most convenient site that will help every blogger manage their social account in a single site alone. The good thing about this is that it can give you some freedom to post anytime without facing the computer since blogger can schedule it.

5. Wistia – blog can tend to be too boring if there is no video that can be attached to it. That is why Wistia is one of the tools that shouldn’t be forgotten to be part of your blog. The good thing about this tool is that bloggers can create video players on it.

6. Scoop.it – This is one of the search engines of tool in blogging that really focuses content. What is nice about this tool is that it is convenient cause when you just key in a topic, there will instantly a lot of articles that accompany it that focuses on the specific niche.

7. Dragon Dictation – this is considered to be an easy blogging tool that will definitely turn a good speech into a text, too convenient that it does not need to type some documents or emails at all.

There are still tons of tolls out there that can be used in order to help boost and promote your blog. A blog does not need to be too perfect, what matters the most is that the content is something that readers can enjoy the most. Blogging does not need to be complicated rather it should be easy to handle and that it should also be approachable enough.

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This is guest post by Lizelle Garnier, student and part-time assistant in one of the best essay writing service shop in which she started to gain that skills in writing and blogging. A passionate blogger and dreamer of becoming an outstanding writer. She loves to travel and writer anytime, anywhere.
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