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Highlight Your Code With Prism or Rainbow

- When you writing a tutorial, there will be 60% of article which comes with coding means if you are going to give tutorial on How to make a Facebook like header bar then you have to show-off your code on article. So it's good show your code with highlighting with the colours with the help of Prism or Rainbow.
- First of all, Let's know about Prism and Rainbow.
Prism: It's made by Lea Varou. As you all know that she is just awesome Web Developer .
Rainbow: It's made by craig campbell. He is also a Web Developer.
Rainbow - The rainbow can be found here.It's tagline is that Your code is beautiful show it off. This will work with many languages as explained in the link. First select your necessary languages and then download it. In the Production version, Themes haven't included so you have to download it from github. Then import to your blog/website. You have to use it with <pre> and <code> code(s).There is a simple example how to setup.
- This will…

How to Keep Maintain Your Blog SEO

Here i am going to write few tips to maintain your SEO at highest level,
Be Regular, Write posts regularly, update your blog regularly because its saying that search engine likes fresh text.Use SEO friendly template [well, we're coming with 2 templates which are SEO friendly soon..].Keep your blog in discuss within social media like facebook, twitter and many more.If your blog is not listed on search engines, then let your blog be available for every search engine. Also Read : HTML Imports and CSS Variables Lands
You're promoting your blog, but don't follow stupid and cheap tricks to make more visitors. Promote your blog but don't go crazy promoting!

More than 40 Awesome Loading Animations from CodePen (Pure CSS)

- You may have tried out to make a simple loading animation using Pure CSS.
- Sometimes it's complex but good for fun.
- We have found some best loading animations from CodePen which is made by Pure CSS. Means no JavaScript at all.
- I have also tried to make a simple loading animation using CSS.
See the Pen Loading by kaushalya (@kman) on CodePen - Above loading is pretty simply made with the help of some CSS properties like animation, animation-delay, opacity, etc.
Awesome Loading Animations Using Pure CSS 1. Liquid Loading by Tim Pietrusky
See the Pen Liquid Loading by Tim Pietrusky (@TimPietrusky) on CodePen
2. A simple one div loading by Burak Can
See the Pen A simple one div loading by Burak Can (@neoberg) on CodePen
3. Loading animation by Joacim Nilsson 3. Preloader by Aaron Lumsden
See the Pen Preloader by Aaron Lumsden (@aaronlumsden) on CodePen.
4. CSS3 loading animations by Steve Melcher
See the Pen CSS3 loading animations by Steve Melcher (@xixao) on CodePen
5. Yet m…

Is Your WordPress Site Really Designed for SEO Success?

- The Internet isn't always a friendly place, especially to those who are trying to build a successful online business or blog. When you start your WordPress site, one thing that you may find to be an immediate stumbling block is search engine optimization or SEO. It's not as easy as including a few keywords in content.
- In fact, with recent changes to the most popular search engine (Google), you have to go above and beyond anything from the past to be truly successful.
Search engines are extremely important, and if you don't think about your rankings, you are basically hobbling your website. If you want to be successful, then you need to set up your site for search engine success.
Understanding a WordPress Page - What many people don't understand is that their WordPress page isn’t the same as a regular website. It is static, like standard pages, but it is also created with CMS. In other words, with a standard page, the site is built with an HTML document. Think of i…