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Tips and advices in creation of the most successful blogs

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Main information about blogs and web design

In today’s quickly evolving world there appear millions of new ideas. However the problem is to find proper means to keep them and write down in the most comfortable manner. For this kind of purposes there many years ago there had been created blogs and by today their popularity has already reached its peak with hundreds of people writing blogs around the globe.

Blogging has become some sort of fashion and a lot of people consider themselves in trend, if they are writing a blog in internet. However for true blogger there is a list of key features, which he should keep in mind and actively apply in order to receive the desired result from his blogs and benefit his website within a short period of time.

Especially for these purposes there has been created a website called Exactly there you will be able to find to answers to all your questions regarding blogging as well as the best means and techniques in order to make your blogging perfect.

General Sections for blogging

At you will be able to find a lot of useful information in such sections and articles as Blogging Tutorials & Tips, Blogging Widgets, WordPress Tips, Web Design, CSS3, HTML5 Technology and many others. Likewise you can find such topics as 7 tools to help boost your blog, DirectWrite integration by Chrome 37, WhatsApp privacy basics you should know, HTML Imports and CSS variables, as well as will discover how to add Alexa Rank Widget to your Blog or Website and many more.

Tips and Tutorials

In addition there are also different tips and tutorials, which will surely be very helpful to you in writing your own blog. Likewise you will be able to find a lot of useful tips regarding blogging, adsense and SEO, as well as get a chance to study tutorial about CSS3, Facebook and diversified widgets. CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets, which is a style sheet language that is being used for description of the look and formatting of a document, which had been written in markup language. Usually this language is used for changing of web pages styles as well as user interfaces, which had been written in HTML and XHTML.

However CSS language can also be used for any XML document, as well as plain XML, SVG and even XUL. Basically it is one of the most important technologies, together with HTML and JavaScript, which is applied in majority of websites for creation of visually engaging WebPages, as well as user interfaces for web applications and also diversified user interfaces used for various mobile applications. CSS includes such elements as layout, colors and also fonts. Likewise it will be a very useful tool for a blogger, who is willing to become successful.

The entire website is designed in such a manner that you can easily find the required information in short period of time, even if you are not familiar with the website itself. You can easily locate all the required information regarding WordPress and figure out, whether you want to start a blog or run WordPress after comparing pros and cons of each one of them. Detailed description about blogging widgets will enrich your knowledge regarding the most useful widgets in order to maximize the efficiency of your blog. In addition to above said you can also figure out the major requirements and advantages of HTML5 Technology and that will definitely upgrade your knowledge to a whole new level!

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This is guest post by Evelyn Golston. This as well as many other information from this author is available at, and you should check it out!

Giving you the top Blogging Subjects on which you should write about

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When blogging sites came into view, people have utilized them mostly to write about their day to day experiences. Well, when I was new into blogging, I had the same understanding. When I hear the word blog, what would come into my mind would be full-length page filled with someone’s thoughts on how much she loves her most recent trip, how awesome her current relationship is, how much she hates the economy, or simply how lovely her dog is. So for me, blogs are something very personal, it’s like an online diary. You write about your life, find a picture that would portray your emotions, and let other people have a say on it through the comment section.

But came the advent of Search Engine Optimization and online marketing, I have discovered that blog sites actually go beyond just being an online diary, as what it used to be for me. Browsing through different blogging sites, I have found out that blogs have become very handy marketing tools. Gone are the days when all you read in blogging sites are feel-good topics, and probably rants once in a while. Today, blogs feature all sorts of things you can think about. Also, the positive aspect about this blogging evolution is that you can actually optimize your write ups in order for your page to draw in online traffic, thanks to internet tools such as Wordpress for example. Plus, if your blog features subjects relevant to some online marketing promotion going on, some companies are actually willing to pay you in exchange for giving their product a review. So not only are you able to pursue your passion in blogging, you also earn some cash by doing what you love.

Browsing through different blogging sites lately, I have found a certain trend on what subjects are hot on the market. Considering how much hits these topics get, you might consider incorporating them into your own blogs. Here are the top blog subjects today:

1. Technology
    On top of the list is technology. Hundreds and thousands of blogging sites online feauture updates, reviews, and news about the latest mobile phone model, the most downloaded apps, operating systems reviews, the most profitable phone accessory, and other technology-related topics you can think of. What’s great about having technology-related blogs is that you never run out of something to write about since the world of technology is constantly moving. Refresh your page and another tech-world update to write about pops out.

2. Relationships
    Yes, the human race never gets tired of reading about love, family, friendship, parenthood, and other life-related topics. This kind of blogging becomes easier if you already have an “online diary”, the one I talked about above. Blog articles with this subject spreads faster online as people who can relate to the human experience your blog portrays are easily magnetized into sharing the article whilst tagging their friends and loved ones. Who in turn, might also tag their own kin. So basically this subject is endemic.

3. Practical Tips
    For this subject, you can write about life hacks that would attract the middle-aged population. You can feature hobby-related, or profession-related tricks that you think people have never thought to be actually possible. For example, you can do a home-management blog that would target moms. The advantage of this kind of blog is that people constantly look for ways to make their lives easier, so dwell on these subjects.

4. Food
    Yes, people are hungry and always on the look out for new taste to trigger their palate. Also, with this subject you practically have an endless list of what to write about. You can feature something local or international, the simplest dish to the most complicated ones, maybe you can place your personal recipe on the blog for people to try, or simply feature that newly-opened restaurant or food cart business. Also, if your blog becomes popular, local restaurants might actually deal with you into featuring them. So that’s extra cash for you and a free meal.

5. Crazy Stuff
    People are crazy about things that are crazy. And by crazy I mean lists of stuff that blow the minds of humans. You can feature the spookiest places on earth, some astounding facts in world history, or old pictures that are surreal. People are always attracted to stuff that awe them, so this surely is a good investment.

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This is guest post by Evelyn Golston. Who maintains three blogging sites on different subjects. Her most read about features are relationship-related ones. Find out more about her blogging tips at

How to add Alexa Rank Widget to your Blog or Website

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As you might know that nowadays, People are very curious to be aware about Alexa and Other rankings.
Thus I think It's good to embed it in our blog/website, and directly show them.
If you don't know about Alexa, Then you should just read out the about page of Alexa. (And just come back here after reading it)
So now at least you know something about Alexa .. Right!!

Why should we consider Alexa as a useful for our blog/website?
- Okay, Alexa is a rank which will used to determine the value of your blog/website for some viewers/experts.
- Sometimes experts/viewers don't want to consider your blog/website as a valuable if Alexa rank of your blog/website is not good.

Is it good if my Alexa rank is high?
- This question might be only for newbies.
- No. It's good if your Alexa rank is low. For example: Google's Alexa rank is 1. So it'll more valuable than others' rank. (Link)

So how to add Alexa rank widget to my blog/website?
- It's simple.. Don't worry :P
- There are 6 different views to embed Alexa rank to your website or blog to directly show your Alexa rank to your visitor. Which are listed below:
1. Style A with links.
<a href=""> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> </a>
2. Style B with links.
<a href=""> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> </a>
3. Style C with links.
<a href=""> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> </a>
4. Style A without links.
<a href=""> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> </a>
5. Style B without links.
<a href=""> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> </a>
6. Style C without links.
<a href=""> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> </a>

- Now.. It's time to choose your favorite style from the above six.
- After choosing the style, You've to replace with your blog's/website's domain name.
- If you want to add it on your blogger blog then directly go to your blog's layout tab and then click on Add a Gadget and then choose HTML/JavaScript and place the code in Content box. Then give it a title if you want to and hit save. Done.
- If your want to add it on your website then you've to add the code wherein you want to show the Alexa Rank Widget.
- After all It should be working.
So Enjoy. If you encounter any problem while adding this Alexa Rank Widget to your blog or website then please leave it in comments. We'll try to help you out.

7 Tools To Help Boost Your Blog

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Writing a blog can actually be one of the best ways to relieve some stress. But, there are also some instances in which bloggers earn some money on it. Who would have thought that in just a simple writing you can gain a lot of things.

It can be that difficult to start with a blog, especially when you are not born to be a blogger in the first place. But in reality, there is nothing to fear as just like any activities, blogging can be that easy to learn, when you are that determined to do it. There is nothing to fear when you are going to venture with blogging as there are actually some tools to help you any newbie bloggers to stay on the right track.

Hence, here are some tools that will help you boost your blog.

1. Wordpress - this can be considered to be one of the popular and user friendly tool that any bloggers will definitely recommend to use. When you deal with blogging, it is important that you are comfortable with that you are about to use. The fact that it is a free software and that newbies will not have a hard time as it is easy to customize to a blogger's content.

2. Google Analytics - this can be one of the tools that every blogger should have. Some may not be familiar with it, but for some who can be pro in the field of blogging. Google Analytics is recommended for bloggers can have that access enough to find out the sources of traffic and if how much time does visitors spend on your site and shows some specific reason on why they end up clicking on your site. In the end this free tool can certainly help every bloggers monitor and analyze their traffic in a convenient way.

3. 99designs - when it comes to graphic design, this tool is something that should not be missed!. The fact that it has that unique site and considered as marketplace in which it can provide some information on a specific project. This could be a good place to visit when bloggers have some frustrations in terms of designing. In this it will help them see and have that most creative minds.

4. BufferApp - when it comes to social media tools that can have that boosting effect, BufferApp is one of the tools to rely on. This is simply one of the most convenient site that will help every blogger manage their social account in a single site alone. The good thing about this is that it can give you some freedom to post anytime without facing the computer since blogger can schedule it.

5. Wistia - blog can tend to be too boring if there is no video that can be attached to it. That is why Wistia is one of the tools that shouldn't be forgotten to be part of your blog. The good thing about this tool is that bloggers can create video players on it.

6. - This is one of the search engines of tool in blogging that really focuses content. What is nice about this tool is that it is convenient cause when you just key in a topic, there will instantly a lot of articles that accompany it that focuses on the specific niche.

7. Dragon Dictation - this is considered to be an easy blogging tool that will definitely turn a good speech into a text, too convenient that it does not need to type some documents or emails at all.

There are still tons of tolls out there that can be used in order to help boost and promote your blog. A blog does not need to be too perfect, what matters the most is that the content is something that readers can enjoy the most. Blogging does not need to be complicated rather it should be easy to handle and that it should also be approachable enough.

Author's Bio
This is guest post by Lizelle Garnier, student and part-time assistant in one of the best essay writing service shop in which she started to gain that skills in writing and blogging. A passionate blogger and dreamer of becoming an outstanding writer. She loves to travel and writer anytime, anywhere.

Chrome 37 adds support for DirectWrite, Thus Font Rendering will be better (For Windows Users)

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- Finally, Chrome 37 has been released and I think the good think about the release is that they've added support for DirectWrite.
- According to Chromium blog,
Chrome 37 adds support for DirectWrite, an API on Windows for clear, high-quality text rendering even on high DPI displays. Before DirectWrite, Chrome used the Graphics Device Interface (GDI) to render text. GDI dates back to the mid-80's and reflects the engineering tradeoffs of that time, particularly for slower, lower-resolution machines.
Click to Enlarge
The image is from the Chromium blog.
- You can see in the above image that, How The Font rendering works with DirectWrite and without it.
- So now you can see the font prettier than before in Google Chrome if you've updated it to version 37.
- So here it's. Comment your views on this change by Chrome team. Thanks.

Whatsapp Privacy Basics You Should Know

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These days WhatsApp is becoming common chat platform among all, You should know what you are sharing in WhatsApp among all people.
Everybody can watch you on whatsapp, who have saved your number in their devices.
But in WhatsApp privacy option you can set what to display to whom.
Let's talk in deep with screenshots,
First of all go to settings, then switch to account.
after you switch to account it will look like provided screenshot below,

Here we go, go to privacy, there you can find three options Last Seen, Profile Picture (better known as DP) and Status, from those options you can control visibility for each option. Like below we have shared both screen shot for options and how to control it,

Read that highlighted text, if you share your Last Seen with nobody, You won't be able to see others Last Seen.
If you set your visibility to my contacts it will be only visible to your saved contacts, it will not shown for those who have saved your number but you don't save their number.

So, This is how you can control privacy of your WhatsApp account,
Any suggestions or confusion write us in comment below...


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